AIDS, Culture, and Africa

AIDS, Culture, and Africa

Douglas A. Feldman

Print publication date: 2011

ISBN: 9780813032535

Publisher: University Press of Florida


Too often, approaches to dealing with the problems posed by the spread of HIV have been one dimensional, with the assumption that what works in one place will work in another. This book includes chapters representing a range of original ideas, methodologies, and suggestions that contribute to the field of AIDS research, both in Africa and beyond. The chapters examine such issues as HIV transmission, condom use, sexual patterns, male circumcision, political factors, gender, poverty, and behavioral change. The book features the research of those working in different countries in Africa, with different communities within those countries, and with different age, class, religious, and ethnic groups within those communities. These previously unpublished chapters also address the need for a greater anthropological perspective in the increasingly medicalized and politicized study of HIV and AIDS. As a whole, they pave the way for a deeper cultural understanding necessary to effectively reverse the catastrophic growth of HIV/AIDS on the continent.

Table of Contents

1 AIDS, Culture, and Africa

Douglas A. Feldman

2 Confounding Conventional Wisdom

Richard B. Lee, and Ida Susser

3 Gendered Responses to Living With AIDS

Ruth Kornfield, and Stella Babalola

4 A Theory of Social Proximity

Kate Macintyre, and Carl Kendall

8 Attitudes toward HIV/AIDS among Zambian High School Students

Douglas A. Feldman, Ndashi W. Chitalu, Peggy O'Hara Murdock, Ganapati Bhat, Orlando Gómez-Marín, Jeffrey Johnson, Kasonde Mwinga, and K. Sridutt Baboo

10 HIV/AIDS Prevention

Elizabeth Onjoro Meassick

11 Tugende Uganda

Susan McCombie, and Ariela Eshel

13 Gender, Poverty, and AIDS Risk

Charles B. Rwabukwali

14 Culture in Action

Eleanor Preston-Whyte

15 Conclusion

Douglas A. Feldman

End Matter