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Javitses into Eastlands, Eastlands into Barbours

Javitses into Eastlands, Eastlands into Barbours

(p.217) Epilogue Javitses into Eastlands, Eastlands into Barbours
After Freedom Summer
Chris Danielson
University Press of Florida

This epilogue deals with the growing hegemony of the Republican Party, which won control of the governor's mansion in 1991 with almost no black support. Republican officials in Mississippi embraced appeals to conservative whites, including the trappings of the Confederacy and its unsubtle racial appeals. Meanwhile, black statewide candidates, Democratic and Republican, showed that race remained a salient issue in Mississippi politics when they consistently lost to their white opponents. Despite the shifting nature of the Upper South in the 2008 presidential election, Mississippi remained rooted ever deeper in the racially conservative politics of the state Republicans.

Keywords:   Great White Switch, Partisan realignment, Republican Party

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