Emergent BrazilKey Perspectives on a New Global Power

Emergent BrazilKey Perspectives on a New Global Power

Jeffrey D. Needell

Print publication date: 2016

ISBN: 9780813060675

Publisher: University Press of Florida


Emergent Brazil comprehends Brazil’s complexity by going at it in a number of varied but interrelated ways. It is organized into six parts: Brazil, today and yesterday, combining a deft historical survey and an edgy appraisal of the street movement of 2013; it then uses specific foci to get at Brazil’s political scene; Brazil’s urban scene; Brazil’s religions in the modern world; the ongoing and potential global impact of Brazilian agriculture and Amazonia; and Brazil’s new global diplomatic role. The many anthologies about contemporary Brazil do not take on so much, because they cannot; that is the unique quality of a collaboration between a Brazilian and a U.S. center unusually strong in Brazilian studies--range and years of expertise. More, this is not a celebration of Brazil, by any means; it is expert, hard-headed, critical, and deliberate, and some of the chapters are clearly designed to provoke.

Table of Contents


Jeffrey D. Needell

I Brazil, Today and Yesterday

2 Brazilian Spring or Brazilian Autumn?

Fernando Lattman-Weltman

II Brazil’s Political Scene

III Brazil’s Urban Scene

5 Crime Victimization in Brazil, 2009

Charles H. Wood and Ludmila Ribeiro

6 Pacification Urbanism

Mariana Cavalcanti

IV Brazilian Religions and the World

9 The Global Spread of Brazilian Religions

Cristina Rocha and Manuel A. Vásquez

V Brazilian Forest and Field to the World

10 Biofuels

Roberto Rodrigues

VI Brazil’s New Diplomatic Role in the World

14 Brazil

Carlo Patti

End Matter