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Life’s Transitions to the Black Panther Party

Life’s Transitions to the Black Panther Party

(p.35) 2 Life’s Transitions to the Black Panther Party
Black Panther in Exile
Paul J. Magnarella
University Press of Florida

Pete O’Neal describes his failed first marriage and his inability to adapt to a standard working-class life style. Once free from marriage he achieves his 12th Street ideal by becoming a pimp, only to experience a mental and spiritual breakdown. He commits himself to working for the black community and forms the Black Vigilantes to protect blacks from police abuse. He travels to the Black Panther Party headquarters in Oakland, California, to train and then get permission to form a branch of the Party in Kansas City. He describes the Party’s personnel, structure, and workings in Kansas. Pete marries fellow member Charlotte Hill, and years later both recollect their first meeting and how the Party saved their lives.

Keywords:   Pete O’Neal, Charlotte Hill, Black Vigilantes, Black Panther Party, Party personnel, Party structure

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