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Arrest, Trial, Escape

Arrest, Trial, Escape

(p.81) 5 Arrest, Trial, Escape
Black Panther in Exile
Paul J. Magnarella
University Press of Florida

In chapter 5 Pete O’Neal describes his arrest in Kansas City, Missouri, for allegedly violating the Federal Gun Control Act of 1968. O’Neal travels to California to seek help from Charles Gary, the Panthers’ regular defense attorney. Rather than offering to defend O’Neal, Gary tells him he could help the Party more from inside prison. Deeply disappointed, O’Neal leaves the Black Panther Party and forms the Sons of Malcolm. He is convicted in Federal District Court with attorney Austin Shute defending and Judge Arthur J. Stanley presiding. Fearing that he would be killed in prison, O’Neal flees to Sweden with his wife, Charlotte.

Keywords:   Pete O’Neal, Charles Gary, Austin Shute, Arthur J. Stanley, Federal Gun Control Act, Black Panther Party, Sons of Malcolm, arrest, trial, escape

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