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Settling in Imbaseni Village

Settling in Imbaseni Village

(p.145) 8 Settling in Imbaseni Village
Black Panther in Exile
Paul J. Magnarella
University Press of Florida

After living in Ngaramtoni for five years, Charlotte and Pete buy a vacant piece of rocky land in Embaseni village near Arusha, in the tribal land of the Meru people. Pete and Charlotte O’Neal construct a multi-building compound consisting of their home, guest house, dormitories for visiting students, dining facility, classrooms, workshops, and a home for over twenty underprivileged Tanzanian children. They establish friendly relations with the Meru and work to bring piped water and electricity to parts of the village. With financial help from Omar Jamal, a Washington, D.C., businessman, they create the United African American Community Center to promote Tanzanian development and share Tanzanian traditions with Americans. In separate interviews, Pete and Charlotte assess their lives and experience raising a family in Tanzania. Pete also describes meeting attorney Paul Magnarella and asking him to review his 1970 trial.

Keywords:   Pete O’Neal, Charlotte O’Neal, Paul Magnarella, Embaseni Village, United African American Community Center, Meru

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