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University Press of Florida was honored as a recipient of the Distance Education Innovation Award at the National University Technology Network conference for its Orange Grove Texts Plus imprint and collaboration with the Florida Distance Learning Consortium’s Orange Grove Open Access repository.

Awards received by Florida Scholarship Online (FLSO) titles include:

  • Gustavus Myers Book Award for Claude McKay, Code Name Sasha
  • DeLong Book History Book Prize for Posting It
  • Roosevelt Naval History Prize for Stalking the U-Boat
  • John Lyman Book Award for Diplomats in Blue
  • Mary W. Klinger Book Award, Gourmand Cookbook Award for Chocolate in Mesoamerica
  • Wesley-Logan Prize in African Diaspora History for True-Born Maroons
  • Association for Latino and Latina Anthropology Book Award (Honorable Mention) for Dominican-Americans and the Politics of Empowerment
  • Gardner-Lasser Aerospace History Literature Award for Preludes to U.S. Space-Launch Vehicle Technology and for U.S. Space-Launch Vehicle Technology 

University Press of Florida titles are regularly reviewed in the both the specialized and flagship journals of the academic fields in which we publish. Recent titles have also been reviewed in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and on National Public Radio.